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Event #55 | October 26, 2018

Stratford Town Hall, Stratford, PEI​

  • At the open of the show, Red Rock Wrestling President, Jonathan Cairns, announced that Brody Steele was injured during a match in Germany and would not be appearing as advertised. Cairns also explained that he decided to finish the Red Rock Wrestling Light-Heavyweight Championship Tournament with a triple-threat ladder match. The contenders would be the three quarter-final winners, Lincoln Steen, "Last Real Apprentice" Zack Doyle and Julien Young.

  • Mystique def. Black Mamba by pin fall after a splash from the top rope.

  • "Last Real Apprentice" Zack Doyle def. Lincoln Steen and Julien Young in a triple-threat ladder match to become the first ever Red Rock Wrestling Light Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Steen attacked Doyle with a bathroom scale followed by two Steentopian Drivers. (WATCH HIGHLIGHT VIDEO)

  • "East Coast Predator" Titus def. "Kowboy" Mike Hughes by pin fall to become the new Red Rock Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.  While the referee was down, Titus sprayed "Kowboy" Mike Hughes in the eyes with a mysterious foreign substance, blinding Kowboy and leaving him vulnerable to receive a boot to the face from Titus. (WATCH HIGHLIGHT VIDEO)

Event referees: Sandra Taylor and Brian Stephens 


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