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Event #33 | September 18, 2015

Stratford Town Hall, Stratford, PEI

  • Brody Steele def. "Stunning" Steve Arsenault by pin fall following a chokeslam.  After the match, Brody Steele hit a second choke slam on Arsenault, prompting Riddick Stone to come down to confront Steele. Steele and Stone brawled, causing referee, Zack Doyle, to call Red Rock Wrestling President, Jonathan Cairns, to ringside for assistance. Cairns would use eight wrestlers from the locker room to separate Steele and Stone in the ring. (WATCH)

  • "East Coast Predator" Titus def. The American Patriot by pin fall after a flying elbow-drop from the top rope. The fall occurred after The American Patriot attempted to strike Titus with the American Flag, missing and hitting the top-rope instead, causing the flag to hit himself in the face.(WATCH)

  • "Kowboy" Mike Hughes def. Lincoln Steen in a Last Man Standing match to become the new Red Rock Wrestling Heavyweight Champion for the fifth time. Victory occurred after Kowboy hit Steen with a Hughesey Driver on top of a laptop that Steen had brought into the match earlier.  (WATCH


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